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Karen Jackson

Whether you are looking to partner or receive funding Karen has helped many turn the dream into reality. KLJ Lending can provide provide funding resources to grow your organization. 

I'm the founder of  KLJ Lending.  We help people reach their goals by providing unsecured funding up to $400,000. Our partners did over $8 Billion in unsecured funding deals in 2020 alone!

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01 / FAST

KLJ Lending has been helping innovative startups reach their full potential. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and business models that we can effectively grow to a successful exit.


KLJ Lending Team is here to provide you with relevant resources that contain important information to ensure you’re always updated. Download the attached files below and be in touch with any questions.

03 / EASY

KLJ Lending and has since developed a rich network of global business partners. We make early and transformational investments in companies that have the potential to do great things. Our dedicated team is made up of seasoned investors who are looking to partner with hard-working, visionary entrepreneurs.

$10,000 - $400,000 Unsecured Funding

with over 99% Funding Approval Rate
What we help fund...

Gap Funding


Real Estate Investment 

Business Startup

Working Capital 

Franchise Investment

Down Payment Assistance 

Investing in The Stock 

Market, TV/Film/Music Projects

Personal Enhancement Surgery

Health Care and more.......













❌ No application fee  ❌ No collateral needed  ❌ No down payment

❌ No appraisals  ❌No inspections  ❌No liens

KLJ Partners



By becoming a Legacy Leaver you will have access to over 240 capital sources! You will be able to utilize this platform by assisting your own clients with their funding needs

Join our amazing community of go-getters working together to build 6-7 figure businesses!

We are a family that pushes each other to the top! Each Legacy Leaver has the opportunity to make money on EVERY unsecured funding deal they do, and build a team of like-minded individuals.


Fund Your Dream



Real Estate Access To Leverage

Designed for first time real estate investors, looking to create daily cash flow through short term rental sites such as Airbnb. $0 upfront cost needed. We provide the unsecured funding. Property is purchased in investor's name. Our team handles the purchase, furnishing, staging, and management team. Nationwide service with an emphasis on Arizona and California 


MO Money Matters

MO Money Matters

Designed for first time real estate investors. $0 upfront cost needed. We provide the unsecured funding.  Property is in investor's name. Our team handles the purchase, property rehab, and listing the property for sale. $30k guaranteed profits for investor. 

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